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    Welcome to

    The META Studio

    Fitness & Nutrition

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    Welcome to

    The META Studio

    Fitness & Nutrition

More than just Personal Trainers

Having had experience of working in commerical gyms, we're fully aware how they may come across initimtidating and scary.  Think of those 'skinny minnies' floating around looking perfect and the 'meat heads', smashing big weights off the floor and grunting.  Even the staff who look like fitness gods, can be really unhelpful, as if you're wasting their time!

Everyone in our M.E.T.A. community, has all started off in the same place, unhappy about how we look, but mostly, about how we feel about ourselves.  You've probaby have been wanting to do something about it for a long time and but have just been worried about commiting.  All of our clients that have had amazing body transformations will say  "I was so scared about taking that first step", "I was worried about stepping out of my comfort zone" or "I was afraid I'd look silly and fail".  Even our coaches have been on their own little journey and could tell you about how they rememeber there was a time they needed to make a change. 

"The journey of thousand miles requires the first step"

Belong to a community

In the studio, you'll get to learn other people's names, follow their progress as well as your own.  Get help, support and guiednce on our closed 'M.E.T.A. eat better' group, where everyone shares recipe ideas and possible issues around eating healthy.  We participate or 'M.E.T-present', as a team in physical challenges and events, around the country and globally.  People have achieved some amazing things, they never thought would possible at the start.  50+ year women are running their first half marathon and obstacle races.  Men that couldn't even do a press up are completing 24 hour endurance events and treks accross the acrtic and South America.  
...Oh and our Christmas do's are epic too!

Fitness + Nutrition = Body Transformations

If you're after healthy weight loss, then we need to work on two important details.  First, Fitness and second, nutrition. You simply can't have one with out the other.  In The M.E.T.A. Studio Chatham, you'll have a private training environment where you and our coaches will work together through an fitness program tailored to your abilities. You'll go through The 'M.E.T.A.bolic shape plan', learning more about the different types of food, how they affect your individual M.E.T.A.bolic shape, then, what and how much to eat.  You'll also have a better understanding of food labels and how translate the information to empower you to make the better choice.


Drop at least 1 stone in 12 weeks

12 weeks is the minimum amount of time you'll need to see a healthy body transformation.  Just by changing some small dietry habits, that we'll teach you with our M.E.T.A.bolic shaping plan.  By all means we've seen faster results too.  And we're not talking about 'faddy' - restrictive diets either.  We're talking, still being social, still being able to eat with the family, no counting points and no giving up a drink at the weekend.  Yes! we promote that; that you still enjoy yourself, otherwise whats the point in doing it all?

'It's not about eating perfect...Its about eating better'

By following the M.E.T.A. principles of Moving faster, Eating better and Thinking positive you can Achieve anything!!! On the journey to achieving your ‘M.E.T.A. moment’ you will be guaranteed to look great on your holiday, have bundles more energy to play with the kids, increase your confidence and make a positive-lasting impact on your life.

  • Drop at least a dress size or at least a stone
  • Increase confidence and self esteem
  • Learn to eat the right foods for your 'M.E.T.A.bolic Shape'


Free Downloads!
We have a selection of free downloads, including information on super foods, portions sizes, fruit & vegetable colour charts. To download these information sheets and more, just e-mail freebie@themetastudio.co.uk - it's that simple!

According to current data 61.9% of the population in England is overweight. In Medway 30% of adults are obese. This is costing the NHS over £5 billion every year in health issues related to being overweight and obese. The problem is there's soooo much conflicting information out there, people are desperate and confused about what to eat and how to train. When people are lost and confused they give up, leaving them stressed, in pain and unhappy about how they look.

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